doe deer

Yesterday, I spied this doe in the the garden area – right about where the chicken coop is going to live. As soon as I stepped outside with my camera she went on alert. She studied me calmly as I snapped her picture before darting down the ravine barking as if to alert her friends to my presence. I was tickled that I was able to get her picture.

deer salad

This morning I inspected my squash plants only to find that something made a meal out of the leaves. My doe perhaps? These were beautiful specimens of spaghetti squash and pumpkin plants. Granted, I planted them so late that I likely wouldn’t yield much. If anything. But, that’s beside the point.

Paul and I discussed ways to deter the deer from my garden. Deer fencing was On The List. So now it’s moved up On The List.

no deer here

This afternoon I made an interim attempt at staking claim to what’s left of my garden in this patch. A makeshift fence from a little string and some ribbons cut from plastic grocery sacks now encircle my lettuce and carrots. I imagine it won’t take long before I know if this strategy will work. It may be off to the hardware on Monday for deer fencing.