Carol and Susan on the Beach

Yesterday Hannah, my friend Carol, and I went on a chicnic. Paul coined the term “chicnic” some years ago. A chicnic is a picnic attended by women where chic food is served. You know what I mean. Food where meat is not front and center on the menu. Fro fro food. A meal that Paul would classify as an appetizer.


We went to Roque Bluffs and parked ourselves on the beach and soaked up the sun. Hannah worked on a sand castle, drew pictures in the sand, and rode the waves while Carol and I talked about everything and nothing.

it's coldHannah was the only one brave enough to jump into the icy cold waters of Englishman’s Bay. Being Maine, the water is pretty cold even in August as you can guess from the shocked look on her face here.

I’d promised Hannah at least one trip to the beach before school started. You’d think as close as we live to the ocean we’d manage more than one beach trip each year.

We snacked on French bread, hummus, fancy cheese, and fruit. And topped it off with whoopie pies and Milano cookies. Only a cabana boy offering frosty drinks with umbrellas could have made this day better.

roques bluff beach

A fitting end to summer with the start of school a week away. Carol, mark your calendar. We have a repeat date scheduled for next August and I hope with all my heart that you’ll be there!