Cinder and SnapeThis morning was the scheduled veterinary appointment for Cinder and Snape. Cinder and Snape are sibling cats that we adopted two years ago when they were feral kittens. A little time and TLC and they’ve turned into really wonderful pets. This from the woman who had only had dogs up until this point.

Snape in a SweaterSnape is black from head to toe with the cutest double paws. He’s named for “Severus Snape” of Harry Potter fame. He’s also known as “Boo Boo Bear” or “Snapey Poo.” While he looks like the strong silent type, he’s really a wuss. He really has no dignity whatsoever.

Hannah named Cinder – short for Cinderella. She’s dainty – half the size of her brother and a real scrapper. Last December I had the misguided notion to bathe her. My thanks was a bite to the top joint in my index finger that resulted in about 10 doctors visits, six weeks on antibiotics, and four weeks of physical therapy. My finger will never be the same. But, she loves me again.

Last year I felt pretty stupid when I had to call Dr. Barbara and reschedule their annual visit because I could not get them into their travel case. I managed to get Cinder in the kennel, but she escaped when I tried to put Snape in. That little exercise ended in more than a few scratches.

This year I had a plan. I’d thought it through and had my strategy in place. I got the kennel out of the garage the night before so the kitties could become familiar with it again. While they were eating breakfast I closed all of the bedroom doors so they couldn’t run away and hide under the bed. I waited until Hannah was off to camp to ensure things wouldn’t turn into a circus.

Cinder strolled up with a little “mrow” of greeting. I took advantage of the opportunity and snatched her up cinder and snapeand tried to deposit her into the kennel. Four legs turned into 16 flailing limbs. Two scratched arms later and I got her in the kennel with the door shut. She bellowed as if I was killing her and rattled around in the kennel until the thing turned over. It’s no surprise that Snape disappeared during all of this. I crawled around on my hands and knees looking under furniture for him. I checked under beds, inside cupboards and behind furniture. No Snape. I pulled out the can of cat food and popped the lid and called, “Here kitty, kitty!” No Snape. I scoured the house again and then finally gave up.

I loaded a very vocal Cinder into the car and headed up to Dr. Barbara’s where the receptionist showed no surprise when I told her that I managed to deliver only one cat for the appointment. “Didn’t you have this problem before?” she asked.

Later in the day Hannah found Snape curled up asleep amongst the stuffed animals in her closet. So, Snape’s new appointment with Dr. Barbara is next Tuesday. Same time, same place and I will win.