Her name is Carol and I am very lucky to be able to call her my friend. You see Carol has stage IV breast cancer. She received this diagnosis a little over two years ago and I met her a few months after that. She is a smart, funny, quirky, enormously creative, and very, very courageous woman.

Carol is blessed because she has a wonderfully supportive family and friends who love her. Still, she sometimes feels isolated because she can no longer work and often needs to rely on others for trips out and about. Her husband, Chad, suggested that Carol might start a blog; someplace where she can write about what she’s thinking and feeling, document and share her imaginative decorating ideas, and connect with others.

Sweet Peas from Carol's GardenThis week Carol started her blog. Carol is so good with her email that I figured she’d take to this like a duck to water. Once I sat down with her to show her how to use the blog I became just a tiny bit worried. She said things like one mouse click or two?? Or, after opening her internet browser, “What’s the address bar?”? Or, “Oh! I never knew you could bookmark a page!” So when I left her house I figured I’d be making a return trip for a refresher course.

But, that didn’t happen. I was thrilled when she put up her first post. And after the second she said, “Did you see the picture? I uploaded that!” She is off and running and I’m very proud of her.

So, I’d like you to meet my friend, Carol. Please visit her online home at www.carolvose.com.


It is with great sadness that I share Carol passed away in August 2015.