Hand-Me-Down Flowers

More than half of the flowers in my garden are hand-me-downs or gifts from Mom. Over the past couple of years Mom has given me a couple of dozen baby dwarf Korean lilac plants that she dug up from her garden as her lilacs began to spread. Three of these plants survived and are now living in my garden. They are not very tall yet. The largest one is about two feet tall by 30 inches in diameter. This spring was the second season that the plants actually bloomed. I have hopes that some day they will be as full and hearty as my mom’s.

Last week I discovered that one of the lilac plants is having a second bloom in the middle of July. I don’t know if this is typical, but I am delighted. The scent of lilacs is one of my favorite fragrances. It reminds me of the country, and old homes, and never fails to impart in me a sort of nostalgic feeling.

mom's lilacs

Earlier in the summer, with Hannah’s help, I planted a a row of day lilies along the porch. Mom sent these home with us after our last visit to Pennsylvania. I had them all planted when she told me that they are yellow lilies. Yellow is not my favorite color for lilies, but who am I to be picky when they’re free? They have just started to bloom and I am pleased as punch to discover that they are not yellow, but a lovely shade deep orange in the center fading to a pale peachy orange on the outer petals. This one below is is being visited by a bumble bee.

mom's lilies

Every hand-me-down plant seems to have a story or a piece of history. Thank, Mom!

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  1. Diana Street says:

    Hi Susan, My husband is Buddy Street a friend of Paul’s from his working days at MSC. Buddy showed me your (yours and Paul’s) websites and I find them quite interesting. I was raised in Ft. Lauderdale and we have been blessed to have a home in eastern NC. We are surrounded by farm fields and the fishing industry, lots of crabs and shrimp (off our dock) and fish. I enjoy your site very much. Hand me down flowers have included Shasta daisies and Hostas. I have a purple Buddleigh in the yard that is gorgeous. This spring I put in lettuce and brussel sproute. We have a community garden with tomatoes, beans (long past now) peppers and parsley. We are now awaiting our first cantalopes. Continue the good work – you are an inspiration. PS – We could not figure out (although Buddy had a slight idea) what a home was doing with a separate little building and smoke coming out of a chimney. After Paul’s reporting of your new water heating system, we now know what the building is about! I enjoy seeing Hannah grow and love her “John Deere”.


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