We spent the afternoon at a friend’s home for a cookout. I love Maine cookouts. Forget the burgers and dogs. We had lobster. Yum.

I took advantage of the great location on the Narraguagus River to play with my new camera. Here are the results.

Narraguagus River in Milbridge Maine

The new camera will automatically stitch together up to three snapshots to form a panorama image. This image is two images auto-stitched by the camera. Pretty cool.

bald eagle on the narraguagus river

The camera has a 26mm-676mm (equivalent) zoom. I was able to take this picture of a bald eagle in the river from quite a ways away. This next picture will try to put the distance into perspective.

Location of bald eagle from where I was standing

Very cool. I’ve definitely caught the photography bug!