Last year was my first attempt at growing garlic. After trying some Russian Red garlic from the local farmer’s market (at a premium price) I became a garlic snob. I enjoyed this hard neck garlic so much more than what’s available in the grocery store, I decided to give growing garlic a try.  I planted 21 Russian Red cloves in the fall and was thrilled when they started coming up in the spring. A couple of times throughout the summer I pulled one up to see how they were developing. A little trial and error and a bit of advice from friends and I harvested seventeen bulbs in late summer. It’s May and I’ve just used the last of that garlic.

Enthusiastic with my success, I planted 60 bulbs last fall. 30 Russian Red and 30 something else. I purchased the seed garlic at the Common Ground Country Fair in September. I haven’t yet put in a permanent vegetable garden, so I planted these right in the middle of my flower garden right along with my daffodils and day lilies. My flower beds are still a work in progress so I had room to spare. I’m tickled that they are growing strong! If I’m as lucky as I was last year I’ll have plenty to share.