Working the Wood Pile


This is what 8 cords of wood looks like when delivered. Every day the weather permits, Paul spends part of the day in the wood lot cutting and splitting.


Old Blue, limping along with a failing clutch, is Paul’s trusty steed on this project. Many of the log pieces are so big that there’s no way Paul can lift them.

Progress made, more work to go. Sadly, this pile easily accessible last weekend sits under the better part of a foot of snow today. However, it sounds as if rain may steal our white Christmas. The silver lining is being able to work the wood pile again.

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What 1-3 Inches Looks Like

This is what 1-3 inches of snow looks like in Downeast Maine.


It must be tough to be the weather man.


What I expected to be a “dusting” or even rain turned out to be a 12 inches.


It was a winter wonderland fitting for a Christmas card.


A week of mild temperatures thawed the once frozen pond.


The ducks are such creatures of habits that it was tough to get them to take a dip in the slushy pond – they’re already used to it being a skating rink..


I do think it’s beginning to look a bit like Christmas!

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