Out, Damned Snake!

All summer long this little snake has been lying in wait for me on the porch stoop. He stalks me, incognito on the edge of the cement step, for that perfect moment to startle me. This morning, our first serious jacket day of autumn, he did it again.

little garter snake

After my initial screech, I paused and squatted down to study him as he studied me. He’s kind of a little bit cute isn’t he?

scared by a garter snake

As I pulled out my phone to snap his picture, THIS guy (or momma?) slithered out of the fading flowers straight at me! I was so startled that I fell back on my behind in the middle of the walkway. I couldn’t scurry away fast enough.

I like to think that I scared him more than he scared me. I wonder when they go into hibernation?

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Too Short a Weekend

It was a spectacular weekend here in Downeast Maine. I had plans to attend the Common Ground Fair, one of my absolute favorite things to do. Yet, when it came time to leave on the five hour round-trip to Unity, I realized that I wanted nothing more to be home. This is the first weekend in a month that I’ve had time to myself without work, or volunteer projects over the weekend. All I wanted to do was stay home and clean my kitchen.

On Saturday, Hannah and I packed up Gidget and took her on her first adventure. Gidget got to explore the world a bit and Hannah got driving time towards her license.


Riding in the car is still a little unsettling for Gidget even with her pillow in tow. The drive to our first stop – Dunkin Donuts 30 minutes away was filled with crying and whining.


We strolled along the Sunrise Trail, doing our best to find our groove with the leash.


Her little legs couldn’t keep up, so Hannah ended up carrying her on much of the return trip.


We took the requisite mother/daughter selfie.


And enjoyed the beautiful view.


On the way home we visited the beach. Do you see her there? She’s just a little bigger than the rocks.


She discovered seaweed and she liked it.


She had great fun racing across the beach, a little suspicious of the waves.


Hannah got a workout racing up and down the beach with her.


At home, Gidget swiped kale from the chickens and dragged that around the yard. It was almost as fun as the seaweed.


Then she discovered Swiss Chard in the greenhouse.


A weekend at home with nothing more pressing on the agenda than playing with my babies. Priceless.

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