The Endangered Blanding’s Turtle

The Endangered Blanding’s Turtle This turtle design grew out of an email I received from Nancy. A fourth-grade teacher, Nancy raises two Blanding’s Turtle hatchlings with her class each year. Once grown, they release the turtles into the wilds of Massachusetts. This is my second attempt at the... Read more »

Winter on Pigeon Hill

Winter on Pigeon Hill After a long morning of problem-solving work issues, not budging from my desk, I needed to move. Hannah and I set off in the car without a destination and landed atop Pigeon Hill. At 19 degrees. Our last Pigeon Hill trip was with dad last June. Our last winter hike... Read more »

A Winter’s Sunday Drive

A Winter’s Sunday Drive A winter’s day Sunday drive. On this marsh, yesterday’s high waters flash froze before receding. The crackle and tinkling sound of breaking ice was like a background music score. A new day, a new beach to explore. Colder than yesterday with a high of 19... Read more »

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