The Bashful Black Bear

Bashful you ask? That’s what our neighborhood bear seems to be, spotted only on wildlife camera. Now, this is a good thing. You’ll find this bear much more fun to have around!


Right click here and select “save target as” (on a PC) to save this bear pattern to your computer.

black bear pattern

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Lemon Blossom

I have this sad little Meyer lemon tree. Mom (Granny Gadget) sent it to me last year. From the looks of it you’d think I’d done everything in my power to kill the poor thing. It has five leaves. And for some reason the dog likes to eat the dirt out of the top – the roots are exposed.

The other week, as I swept up dead leaves from the floor surrounding it, I considered whether or not it was worth trying to save. Too lazy to haul it out, I gave it a drink of water and topped off the potting soil.

You can imagine my surprise and excitement when I spied this little lemon flower blossom today. Amazing what a little TLC will do.

meyer lemon blossom

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