A Most Unusual Deer


The late afternoon shadows hid this critter from view. More focused on not getting stuck in the snow and mud than in my surroundings, I wasn’t even sure it was a deer until I pulled out my camera and studied her through the zoom.


She gave me but a moment to snap these pictures through my dirty windshield before she was off. I’ve never before seen a piebald deer like this. She had excellent camouflage for the crazy winter we’ve had!

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The Company of a Herring Gull


I paused in Lubec this afternoon to enjoy my lunch and soak up a few moments of spring-like sunshine, car window open. It wasn’t long before I had company. This guy took up residence right outside my window, hoping for a handout.


Not shy at all, he appears as if he’s posing. I guess it worked since he got the last of my veggie wrap!

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