Mapping Out the Greenhouse

We have been talking of and dreaming about a greenhouse for quite a few years. The location, style, and size has changed with the tides. Motivated by the greenhouse I saw at the Common Ground Fair on Friday, I lured Paul outside to debate the location and stake out the footprint. This was not a fast process. It involved three tape measures, geometry, one argument and a few swear words.


Our hugelkulturs have been such a success this year that we’re going to go a step further – hugelkulturs inside a greenhouse. The plan is to have a 10′ x 20′ greenhouse with a 3′ aisle down the middle between two long hugelkultur beds.


We’ve settled on a design that will withstand heavy snow load and high winds. We are committing ourselves to getting the framework up this fall. Now to bite the bullet and order the lumber to get started!

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Common Ground Fair – A Wonderful Way to End Summer

For me, the Common Ground Fair is the pinnacle of summer. I mark the day on my calender and take the day off of work to explore this celebration of rural living.

The sights – the flowers, the vegetables, the crafts, the livestock are all eye-candy.


Is there anything more beautiful than this purple and white variegated eggplant?


Possibly these orange and red variegated tomatoes.


Or this rainbow of tomatoes.


Harvest is the universal theme of the day.


The “Polar Bear” pumpkins (white ones in the back) intrigued me. I may have to find space for these next year.


This hoop house has me longing for a greenhouse of my own – a project that is on the drawing board and may actually get started this fall.


The displays of vibrant rich colors leaves me feeling somehow a bit nostalgic.


Studying the livestock has me dreaming of a bucolic lifestyle that I certainly don’t have the time and energy to maintain. No sheep for me.


Arts is everywhere you look. My favorite find is this owl arbor piece created by Yard-Garb. Of all the fun things to explore, all I came home with was a compost pail and a pot of rosemary and a pot of sage.

You know you’re an adult and you get excited about a fair that has no amusement rides!

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