Heron on the Harrington

On the drive home from Hannah’s summer basketball league, much to her dismay, I pulled over when I spotted this great blue heron in the Harrington River. The ear buds went in and she settled in for what she expected would be a long wait and grumbled, “You and that camera.”


I got in only one shot before he startled and swooped into flight.


He in turn, startled the geese who popped their heads up from the marsh grass in the setting sun.


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This Weekend in My Garden

Snapshots from the garden this weekend…

My hugulkultures are thriving. In hind sight I set them a little close together and set the fence too close. I can barely move in there!

My hugulkultures are doing great. You’re looking at pumpkins, zucchini and cucumbers. In hindsight, I may have placed them a little close together and set the fence  in a little too tight. I can’t move in there!

The girls have been confined to their run lately so I brought the garden to them. A buggy cauliflower plant provided lots of entertainment.

The girls have been confined to their run lately – I want to be able to pick my wild blueberries before they do! So, I brought the garden to them. This buggy cauliflower plant hanging from the ceiling provided endless entertainment.

Near my garden, I spotted

Paul discovered another broody duck – Oscar has a nest near the hugulkultures. That’s three broody ducks!


When I stopped to snap her picture, she protested and didn’t budge. Yet, later in the day she was hanging out by the pond with a few of the other ducks, not a care in the world. I wonder if she was bored?


A couple of garlic scapes I missed when cutting the other week. I like the way the flowers curl. They went into this evening’s stir fry.


This fiery skipper butterfly joined dozens and dozens of bumble bees in my lavender. There were so many bees that it sounded as if the flowers were alive with the buzzing.


A female fiery skipper butterfly sipping from a lavender blossom.


Bee in lavender.


Hanging upside down for a sip.


My flowering hens and chicks.


A bumble bee tucked into an opening cosmos.


Such contract in colors.


Duckie raiding the peas! So much for the fencing.

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