A New Backyard of Birds

This week at my folks house in Pennsylvania has given me a new audience of birds to photograph.


Each morning, this Carolina Wren (a first for me) perched on a branch outside my window three stories up and serenaded me awake. I don’t ever recall hearing a louder bird – or maybe it was simply the proximity to my window.


The locust tree I helped mom plant in 1986 has become a beautiful playground for the birds.


I’ve enjoyed watching the goldfinches from the breakfast nook.


The females, subtly beautiful in contrast to their flashy beaus.

swamp sparrow

After resorting to Cornell’s Merlin Bird ID, I’m fairly certain this is a swamp sparrow.


Mom’s yard, with the trees close to the house, attracts a much wider variety of birds that I’m used to seeing at home.


A pretty little House Finch along with this happy little Robin are both familiar sights. And all these sightings without the lure of birdseed. I wonder what visitors we’ll get if I set out a tray of seed? Two days of vacation left to play before heading home!


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Swimming on the Blueberry Barrens

The melting of a significant amount of snow is creating ponds where they ought not to be found.


At first glance, these American Black Ducks look to be enjoying a quiet swim on a local pond.


When they’re really enjoying a makeshift pond in the middle of the Whitneyville Road blueberry barrens.  Unless we get some serious rain, I don’t imaging they’ll be swimming here for long!

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